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The Cultured Perspective is a group of Watch enthusiasts and collectors who embrace the blended  passions Watches and Horology with Black Culture. The reason this group was started was to be a safe  place where a community can be fostered and grow, made up of people who want to share their  Knowledge, Experience and Love of watches while also resonating with others who are from or embrace  Black culture.



“Something we’ve been conscious about recently is letting people know that there isn’t a price point that you have to be at to be a part of the group or to celebrate it. What we really care about is, what is your watch journey?”

In 2021 Dr. Albert Coombs and C’Quon Gottlieb felt that there was something missing in the hobby that they both loved. It was a community where they could meet and interact with people who have similar experiences and backgrounds and also loved watches. We knew that those people existed but we need a place for them to Gather. CP Time is that Community and our goal is to push forward the Knowledge.


what we do

“By this being a safe space, you’re more comfortable asking those types of questions that you may not be able to if you go across the street to one of the boutiques. Today some of us talked about: how do you form a relationship with ADs [authorized dealers]?”

Create experiences where members can meet and interact with each other have discourse A community that can support each other in this amazing hobby to create great experience.

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